Analysis On Subway Surfer

Subway surfer is a popular game developed and published by Kiloo and Sybo games. The game is free and has attracted large no. of users. It is similar to Temple run , but the change in game concept , seems to be working for Subway surfer. Jack is the featured character of the game. The basic story of the game is that you have to help Jack to run away from the inspector and his dog. While running , many obstacles will come on your path. In order to avoid these obstacles, you have to jump or change your running path by swiping your finger to the required direction. Now , here is what makes game interesting. You have to continue running as long as you don’t collide with an obstacle or the policeman doesn’t catches you . The speed of Jake will increase relatively to the time you have successfully managed to survive. This means that by time , the difficulty level of game will increase relatively.


You can also find some power ups in game. Using them , can lead you to high scores and improve your control over game. The key to high score are multipliers . More you find them , more you would be able to double your score. Collecting keys is important. As it can save you , if you collide with any obstacle . Key will allow Jake to continue the run from the same point , where he collided. You can find keys on regular run . If you aren’t used to game , I prefer saving keys initially and don’t use them . After getting hands on practice with the game , you should use the keys with maximum multipliers before run. This can raise your chances of achieving high scores. Keys can also be bought through inApp purchase or you can also find them in mystery boxes. You can also use subway surfer hack for getting your required item. These hacks will only work in android version of the game . You can get unlimited coins and unlock all characters through the hack. You can also get upgrades and keys through subway surfer hack.

Another important trick to guide your way to high scores is participation in daily challenges. You will also get no. of coins each day and the number will increase after each successive day of playing. Daily challenges can get your Super mystery box , if its being completed for 5 successive days. These mystery box can have coins , keys and other useful objects to help you in game.

Subway surfer was out of the chart for quite some months but has managed to come up with brilliant concept of around the world tour. This had given Subway Surfer hype again . It has also managed to catch worldwide attention of game lovers to the game. The game introduces new character and other updates with each country’s version in world tour.