Clash of Clans Hack

In this review, you will find useful cash of clans hack. Clash of Clans (CoC) is a phenomenon that is poisoning the online gaming enthusiast, especially the epic-themed games and strategy today. Games are booming among users of IOS and Android-based gadget is indeed makes fans hooked. At first CoC is only available and can only be played on iOS-based gadgets, but some time later, the CoC can be played on Android, and the number of game players are increasingly booming. Game like this is not the first time, many of his predecessors, such as the Age of Empire. Typical of the game was almost the same, just because it can be played in CoC gadget or smartphone, so that people are more flexible to play anywhere, anytime without having to open the notebook or go to the cafe. Honestly, before I’ve never played strategy games like this, I prefer to play games themed modern war, such as Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Battle Field, and others. After seeing friends hanging out cool to play, and this story was about CoC, finally, I yield also to try this game.

Originally this game is boring to me, but after a long time to play, I took some of the values ​​that can be applied in the real world, here are the values ​​of my view that I can take from this CoC game:

  1. Life must have “Passion”

Passion in this game is how we are to the highest level and strive to achieve it. The higher the level, it turns more and more obstacles, but all of it must be passed if we desire, strive earnestly and focus. Similarly, in this life, we must have passion, whether it’s career, a desire that has not been reached, and when we want to achieve our passion would certainly many obstacles that must be passed. All that we can pass, as in this CoC game play, difficult but when followed, can we skip everything.

  1. Teach Principles Never Surrender

Sometimes in life, we are doomed to failure, and it is difficult to bounce back to success. Well, just as in the CoC, sometimes the strategies that we apply, sometimes, even often fail. But all that does not make us instantly just stop, instead we are interested in analyzing our failures, why do we fail when attacked, whereas the number of troops we many not playing? Why we failed defense when attacked by an enemy? Well, all the failures that makes us increasingly high curiosity, and a lesson in the future to apply the correct strategy. Indirectly we did not realize perhaps, why the principle when playing this game do not we apply into our daily lives? it is not an impossible thing?

  1. All That We Reach That Need Sacrifice, None FREE

Conscious or not, all that we have achieved in building village / empire in CoC was a lot of sacrifice. Just imagine, to rise to the level of the town hall higher we need a lot of gold umpteen million, to upgrade barrack we have to collect millions of elixir as well. Indeed, there are people who want a fast, live credit card use, in an instant, ready-made Town Hall, and the gold was abundant in storage. But, for me, the way it feels empty, there is not an attempt to get it all, and we achieve achievement seems less meaningful than we are trying to fight and rob the kingdom.

Actually there are many value-value that we can take from this CoC game, but I would suggest also make you who are currently addicted to this game, be careful, use time wisely, try to take the meaning and apply them in real life, because we live in the real world, not a virtual world, which can live to rob gold and elixir of the kingdom. So do you think this hack clash of clans will be useful then?